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Matt Beam

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Matt Beam has a new, grades 5-8 workshop called How Does it Feel? Empathy and Emotions in Creative Writing. An excellent supplement for the Character Studies curriculum! For more details, contact him at

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When I Grow Up, I Want to Be (grades 4 to 8, FICTION)

Young adult novelist Matt Beam’s engaging, funny and sometimes silly presentation includes archaeological evidence of his first piece of writing (dug right out of his mother’s desk drawer), an interactive writer’s-life quiz, inside knowledge about Matt’s artistic journey, several short readings from one of his novels, all accompanied by an eye-popping slide show. Matt loves unlikely questions and finds that his presentations get more fun and entertaining when he’s given a couple of head-scratchers. In “When I Grow Up, I Want to Be,” Matt Beam reads from one of his novels. See above for appropriate age levels.

FPW: First Person Writer, A Workshop Series (grades 7 to 12)

A teacher by training, a YA novelist by trial and error, Matt Beam is an expert in teaching first-person narrative. In his workshops, he focuses on a narrative’s point of view as a way of getting at not only how to write a story but why. In tears upon reading his first first-person novel at the age of eight, declaring, “I am I, not this impostor in the book!”, Matt has since wrestled himself back into the first-person position, and he has all kinds of strategies to share with students about how they can get themselves securely into the writer’s seat. Matt takes students through the basics of all the narrative points of view, and then the fun begins, as students play with ideas such as empathy, physical perspective, causality, and motivation. Students will use their own lives, their own stories, to launch their creative avatar, the new “I” of their imaginations.

Words, Images … Everywhere! (Grades 7 to 12)

Matt Beam is so passionate about language and photography that he put them both on the same page. What he didn’t realize was how much there would be to talk about once he did. Using the images from his photography book as a guide, Matt tells the story of his City Alphabet journey with writer Joanne Schwartz, touching on topics such as inspiration, collaboration, process, technology, and perspective, all delivered with his light-hearted and fun interactive approach. By the end of the presentation, the students will be both viewers and subjects of Matt’s photographic work and in the process they will come out with a boat load of inspiration and a whole new view of the wordy world around them.

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“The kids loved Matt’s presentation and his books have been in constant circulation since his visit.  Matt inspired our middle years students with his stories and the enthusiasm for writing that he shares with the kids.” - Florence Barton, Teacher/Librarian, Greystone Heights School, Saskatoon

“Matt has a very warm and outgoing personality which, combined with his educational training and background experience as a teacher, has made him a ‘hit’ in schools.” - Dave Jenkinson, Ph. D., Professor of Children’s and Adolescent Literature and Editor, CM: Canadian Review of Materials

“I highly recommend Mr. Matt Beam as a speaker to youth! His background as a grade 8 teacher (and he will soon be taking up teaching again) makes him highly qualified to provide an excellent and entertaining talk to youth. He clearly understands them, and so is able to pick out what will be of interest, in a manner that will engage them.” - Michal Calder, Toronto Librarian

“Matt inspired many of the kids who are on their own writing journeys. And the few who aren’t planning writing careers were thoroughly captivated by all of the interesting tales!”
Ms. Devitt Temblay, English Teacher, Senator O’Connor College School

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