Last December

Last December

Laurie writes

I hadn’t heard of Matt Beam’s slim novel, LAST DECEMBER, but I loved the hockey photo on the cover, so I skated in…

Fifteen-year-old Steven has been his Mom’s number one guy his whole life…until she gets pregnant. Now he wonders how his life will change. He is befuddled and vulnerable, sweet and horny and Matt Beam does a great job of inhabiting his mind without applying adult filters or analysis or judgment. During the course of the story Steven will get beat up by a skinhead, try out for the high school hockey team, get drunk, learn to play video games from a bipolar Ms. Pacman addict, fall in love, and wonder and wander cold Toronto streets. It’s a story that sneaks up on you, finding the crevasses in your heart and prying them open. (His reaction to his first kiss is priceless.) Steven’s life is messy and he makes a lot of mistakes, but he feels real and I was happy to find hope at the end.

Timothy writes

Last December is great. You can totally understand the stuff Steven is going through, from the stress of hockey tryouts, smoking or not, girls too much to drink and a bunch of other things, a lot goes down. And of course his mom does not get a thing! Then there is Byron. Wicked cool but what is he really saying and how much should Steven listen to him? There are also some really funny parts. Last December is totally like what being 15 is like. Now if the Leafs could have a goalie like Palmateer again they might not suck so much!
– Timothy

Laurie writes …

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