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Can You Spell RevolutionCan You Spell Revolution
Alan H writes … Matt Beam’s Can You Spell Revolution? reminds me a little of the older Gordon Korman novels like the Bruno and Boots series.  A group of grade 8 students in small-town Canada take inspiration from historical revolutionaries to try to change how things work at their school.  Quite funny, with some serious subtext about power, authority and hierarchy in the world and at school.
Alan H librarian - click for more…

Getting To First Base With Danalda ChaseGetting to First Base
Alice writesGetting to First Base is a hysterical book, I loved it. It’s about this baseball crazy, called Darcy. After hearing kissing described as ‘getting to first base’ he goes about trying to get to first base with one of the popular girls at school. The consequences are many and varied. Though this is a lighthearted book, it does deal with some serious issues, and deals with them well … click for more.

Earth To Nathan BlueEarth to Nathan Blue
Malcolm writes … Rating *****Excellent Read!
Earth to Nathan Blue written by Matt Beam Character Studies of “Earth to Nathan Blue.”  The main character in “Earth to Nathan Blue” is not blue himself. Nathan is very creative and has an active imagination that explores his galaxy. In the book he has translated his entire world into an imaginary place called Plutonia … click for more.

Last DecemberLast December

Laurie writes
I hadn’t heard of Matt Beam’s slim novel, LAST DECEMBER, but I loved the hockey photo on the cover, so I skated in…

Fifteen-year-old Steven has been his Mom’s number one guy his whole life…until she gets pregnant. Now he wonders how his life will change. He is befuddled and vulnerable, sweet and horny and Matt Beam does a great job of inhabiting his mind without applying adult filters or analysis or judgment … click for more.


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