Zombie Prince

The Zombie Prince (Groundwood, 2018)


When a classmate hurts his feelings by calling him a fairy, Brandon informs his two best friends that he is now a zombie who will destroy his enemies with his tears. They respond by turning into a ghost and vampire, ready to protect him from the mean words thrown at him during recess.

“The Zombie Prince is the kind of book that needs to be returned to again for its subtle depths to be appreciated … this is a book about boys and feelings that isn’t cheesy, or preachy. It’s expansive, like all the best books are, and isn’t afraid to ask its readers to think.” - @49thShelf

“Direct yet poetic writing … Details move deftly between the real and the imaginary, blurring the two.” – Montreal Review of Books

“The Zombie Prince applauds the solace that comes from applying creativity to distracting and comforting rather than worrying, and with friends to help bolster that creativity with emotional support, Brandon glows with the relief of being a zombie prince.” – CanLit for LittleCanadians




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