Earth to Nathan Blue

Earth To Nathan Blue

Earth To Nathan Blue

Earth to Nathan Blue (Penguin Canada, Spring 2007)


B.T.W., before we go on this mission, you’ll need some of my background information. My name is Nathan Blue, and I live at 134 Ridge, Plutonia. I’ve been stuck in this galaxy for the last twelve years or so…

Since his father left home, Nathan Blue has lived in a world of his own imagination. Inspired by an old TV show, he spends his time meeting Plutonians, hunting babylions and trying to deal with the humanoids at the Boredom Academy. But his home life becomes increasingly difficult when his worried mother demands an end to “this imagination business,” and his friend, Sheron, starts to wonder if Nathan even really understands the difference between his fantasy world and real life.

Complex, illusory, real and funny, this is the story of an earthbound but all-too-human Plutonian — Nathan Blue

“I loved this book! It’s funny, touching, serious and silly all at once.”  (Muskokan)

“Nathan’s inventive language is fun, and his battles with his mother and teachers are vivid and true.” (Georgia Strait)

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