City Numbers

Matt BeamCity Numbers (Groundwood Books, 2011)


Matt Beam and his creative partner, Joanne Schwartz have discovered numbers in many different forms all over the city. They are on houses and apartment buildings, on store windows and doors, on trucks and garbage bins, on sidewalks and parking spots. They are printed, spray-painted, molded in plastic, chiseled in stone, stamped on vinyl, even torched into metal. We see these numbers, often unconsciously, every day, but the wonderful photographs in this book prompt us to look at them more closely, becoming aware and alive to the art, serendipity and variety that surround us. This is another beautifully conceived book for anyone who enjoys engaging visually with the city.

Reviews of City Numbers

“…an impeccably designed yet playful twist on the traditional counting book…”
Publishers Weekly

“Highly recommended.”
CM Magazine

Globe and Mail

“…for young readers who can appreciate the pleasure of seeing an old city with new eyes…”

“This is a sophisticated book…”
Quill & Quire

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