Matt BeamCity Numbers (Groundwood Books, 2011)

Synopsis: Matt Beam and his creative partner, Joanne Schwartz have discovered numbers in many different forms all over the city. They are on houses and apartment buildings, on store windows and doors, on trucks and garbage bins, on sidewalks and parking spots. They are printed, spray-painted, molded in plastic, chiseled in stone, stamped on vinyl, even torched into metal. We see these numbers, often unconsciously, every day, but the wonderful photographs in this book prompt us to look at them more closely, becoming aware and alive to the art, serendipity and variety that surround us. This is another beautifully conceived book for anyone who enjoys engaging visually with the city … click for more.

Matt BeamLast December (Front Street, US, 2009; Penguin Canada, 2010)
Fifteen-year-old Steven needs to explain everything to his sister, Sam. She needs to know about Jenny from his new high school and how the freckles on her arm make his synapses go crazy. She needs to know about the Toronto Maple Leafs and trying out for the school hockey team. She needs to know about eighteen-year-old dropout Byron, all his fascinating ideas about chaos and coolness and trying to keep it together … click for more.

City AlphabetCity Alphabet (Groundwood Books, 2009)
The urban landscape is alive with words. They appear in every locale, material, and form imaginable. It’s this intriguing aspect of the city that Matt Beam has captured in his photographs — words spray-painted on walls, etched in concrete, carved into wood, stuck onto glass. He and Joanne Schwartz create a visually arresting alphabet book that documents the random occurrences of language all around us. The result is an edgy catalog of words from “art” to “zoo” that inspires readers to look more closely at their environments. This beautifully … click for more.

Can You Spell RevolutionCan You Spell Revolution? (Dutton US, 2008)
Between dull assemblies, tyrant teachers, and a handbook full of rules, life at Laverton Middle School can be summed up in one word: B-O-R-I-N-G. In this dramatic novel, five fed-up students borrow from the pages of history books and, seeking inspiration from revolutionary leaders, get a twisty lesson in the excitement and perils of repeating history… click for more.

Earth To Nathan BlueEarth To Nathan Blue (Penguin Canada, 2007)
B.T.W., before we go on this mission, you’ll need some of my background information. My name is Nathan Blue, and I live at 134 Ridge, Plutonia. I’ve been stuck in this galaxy for the last twelve years or so… Since his father left home, Nathan Blue has lived in a world of his own imagination. Inspired by an old TV show, he spends his time meeting Plutonians, hunting babylions and trying to deal with the humanoids at the Boredom Academy … click for more.

Getting To First Base With Danalda ChaseGetting to First Base with Danalda Chase (HarperCollins Canada, 2005 – Dutton US, Spring 2007)
Darcy Spillman wonders why they call kissing a girl “getting to first base.” He knows everything about baseball and he thinks he likes Danalda Chase, a pretty girl in his class, but he knows nothing about dating … click for more.


Can You Spell RevolutionCan You Spell Revolution? (HarperCollins Canada, Fall 2006)
Clouds McFadden is definitely different. With his shock of red hair, his disarming manner, and an opening greeting of “Good day, fellow proletariats,” this transfer student to Laverton Junior High looks ready to shake the boredom from his adopted grade eight class … click for more.

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